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We offer you:

  • real project experience (project with more than 70 people)
  • your own work in space
  • independent and self-responsible work
  • a good team spirit with many extracurricular activities
  • contact to staff members of the chair of astronautics and to space industry
  • Credits:
    • Bachelor/Master-Thesis
    • IDP, project seminar
    • Ingenieurspraxis

We are looking for:
...  students of the following studies or related subjects:

  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • System Administration, Embedded Systems Development and Games Engineering
  • Business Administration Studies
  • Natural Science (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science etc.)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering



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Credits at MOVE

Computer Science

  • Bachelor/Master-Thesis
  • IDP (Master)
  • Betreutes Forschen (supervised research)
  • Überfachliche Grundlagen (complicated)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Semester/Bachelor/Master-arbeit
  • Projektseminar (Bachelor [Master statt Semesterarbeit]) (Project seminar)
  • Contacts for Praktika

Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor/Masterarbeit
  • Projektseminar (Project seminar)
  • Ingenieurspraxis