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The EPS system

Hey everyone!  This is the EPS design team of MOVE speaking, we wanted to introduce you the system we designed: EPS stands for electrical power supply so we are responsible for everything related to power on the satellite. This starts with the solar cells which will generate the power on MOVE-III and includes our battery […]

The software Power Week

Matti Ukkola is 21 years old and studying electrical engineering in the 6th semester at TUM. He’s been part of the software team and has been leading it for the past one-and-a-half years and this is already his second feature story. Matti: DOSIS is the platform on which we are developing our syste. It is […]

Next Milestone: System Definition Review

According to NASA a space project is divided into seven phases beginning with concept studies and ending with the decommissioning. In order to enter the next phase, milestones are defined which typically come along with a document explaining how this milestone is achieved. It is then reviewed by experts to receive feedback e.g. where are […]