System Definition Review: finally completed!

Since the 3rd of June all subsystems have been working on our most recent review, the System Definition Review (SDR). If you are interested in more details, have a look at our post about the SDR.
On Friday, the 9th of October, this milestone was officially completed. All our subsystems had the chance to present their results in front of reviewers who worked on our last three satellite missions.
Not only are we grateful for the time it took them to (patiently) listen to our drafts and thoughts.
Although we are already on a good way with our project they helped us to recognize details which need slight changes.
We also recieved a lot of helpful feedback regarding our system and got some new ideas which only wait to be implemented.
So now it is our turn, to thank all reviewers:
for their time, their patience, their knowledge and expertise.

Thank you all!

We are really excited to continue the project with the next steps, since this milestone was completed succesfully.