Software tests & fantastic news from Mission Control

Work during Corona

As everyone right now, we stay at home and try to make the best out of the situation.
Being physically apart does not mean we stopped working.
After our General Meeting went online on April 21th, May is full of new ideas regarding
interaction and getting together. Like before we see and hear each other every week - just

Hardware in the Loop setup and software cooperations

Due to the circumstances our access to hardware has been limited, however, we have
been making a lot of progress on the software of each subsystem.
All our subsystems now have the same standards regarding software and are able to
exchange information and commands. The software team DOSIS provides the
infrastructure for the internal communication between the subsystems as well as creating
tools to help testing.
It is now possible to use HiL (Hardware in the Loop) to test different satellite
DOSIS deepened the cooperation with another WARR team: Exploration. Many features
are shared to mutually help each other, including the improvement of the satellite’s
operating system RODOS.

MOVE-II turn rate and MOVE-IIb updates

A lot of great news this month come from our Mission Control Team.
At the beginning of May, our MOVE-II satellite has a turning rate of 177°/s, on the 8th of
May it descends to under 100°/s which was the first time since September that we’ve had
a two-digit turning rate!
Then, finally, we manage to spin it down to under 10°/s.
An additional achievement regarding MOVE-II: we secured the data on the satellites SDcard. Errors during the data storage process had been causing some troubles, but these
are now fixed, and new data can be gathered and saved again.
Our other operative satellite MOVE-IIb currently communicates with the satellite team of
TU Berlin. Due to the fact that we are unable to send or receive commands from our
ground station in Garching to MOVE-IIb, the TU Berlin agreed to pass on the satellite’s
data to us.