Mission Control Status Update August

Mission Control Team

It is August now, means the most of our members have exams and therefore things are going a bit slower than normaly. Nevertheless the Mission Control (MC) team keeps working and learning.

About nine participants were present for the latest MC training, led by Linda within the context of her master thesis. They already completed Basic 101, System 101, Linux 101 and Commanding 101. So far the trainings run as planned thanks to the hard work and the effort Linda puts in there.

Also the internal review of the System Definition Review (SDR) is done and the basics are settled. Now all comments and questions on the MC part have to be answered and some ideas need to be improved. This is the major task for the team at the moment so the SDR gets closer to its final version.

MOVE-II Updates

MOVE-II is doing quite well even though there were some problems with the memory. Owing to a bad timed and unintentional reboot of the satellite the entire memory was allocated. By now the fault was rectified and should not occour again, the commanding works again as usually.
An issue that arises on a regular basis with MOVE-II is the high turning rate. On August 13th it was 137°/s which is not alarming but the team is working on decreasing this value.