Interview with a Mission Controler

How old are you and what are you studying?

  • I’m 26 years old and I’m in my 6th Masters semester studying Aerospace. Before that I did my Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

Since when are you part of MOVE?

  • Since my bachelor thesis, six Semesters ago. I learned about MOVE at the beginning of my Bachelor, when they were presenting all the different student groups. I wrote my bachelor thesis about the bordcomputer of the second MOVE-On Mission and worked as project lead in the third MOVE-On mission. I am also a part of the Mission Control team and was the Mission Control subsystem leader of the MOVE-II and MOVE-IIb mission. Additionally, I am part of the board of WARR.

What do you like about being part of the MOVE team?

  • I love space and did an internship at the DLR control room. It is so much fun! You are learning so much more than in your studies. Enjoying teamwork and taking responsibilities makes the work exciting. The people also make the work special and the best thing of course is having worked on a satellite that is now in space.

What would you say to students that are thinking about joining the project?

  • Do it! You only need to have passion for space related topics. You will learn many things through practical work plus you can expand your network. Also if you want to work in the space industry after your studies, being part of a project like this is of advantage.

What was your favourite moment in your time at MOVE?

  • The launch event! Watching the start of the rocket and getting the first signal from our satellite was exciting. That way we knew that everything worked as planned.

How has MOVE changed you?

  • I got more self-confident and improved my English. I also learned many things about satellite technology. I can really recommend it.