Weekly Update #23: Requirements of MOVE-II (SE)

Hello together! This time it is our term to write the weekly update. We, that are the members of the Systems Engineering (SE) Team of MOVE-II.

One of our tasks is to write down and administrate the requirements our satellite has to fulfil. However, what are our requirements and who postulates them? These two questions are going to be answered in this blog post.

The requirements are postulated by stakeholders. In our case, there are three stakeholders.

One of our stakeholders is the German Aerospace Center (DLR). They expect that MOVE-II shall be developed for educational purposes. This means that students of all fields shall be able to learn how to build a 1-Unit CubeSat. The satellite has to accord to the CubeSat Design Specification and shall have significant progress compared to First-MOVE.

To apply their knowledge, students can develop the satellite at the Institute of Astronautics (LRT) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

The LRT is the second stakeholder. The expectations of the LRT are that students shall develop a satellite on their own while be managed and supervised by LRT staff. Thereby the Lessons Learned of First-MOVE shall be implemented in MOVE-II.

The third stakeholder is the Payload. The payload consists of one multi-junction and the corresponding single-junction solar cell, which are glued on the top surface of the satellite. The I-V curve of these solar cells shall be measured. Thereby no specular or diffuse reflections from the satellite shall reach the solar cells.

From all these expectations, about 100 requirements have been deduced. Each subsystem of MOVE-II has its own list of requirements. The requirements will be verified by tests.

Are you interested in joining our team? At the moment we are looking for people that want to support the teams Public Relations (PR), Assembly, Integration and Tests (AIT), Command and Data Handling (CDH) or Electrical Power System (EPS). You can visit us every Wednesday at 18:00 in the foyer of the LRT or on Monday until Friday in bureau 1605.

We are waiting for you!

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