We offer you:

  • real project experience (project with more than 130 people)
  • your own work in space
  • independent and self-responsible work
  • a good team spirit with many extracurricular activities
  • contact to staff members of the chair of astronautics and to space industry
  • a Bachelor’s, Master’s thesis or an Interdisciplinary Project (IDP)


We are looking for:
…¬† students of the following studies or related subjects:

  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • System Administration, Embedded Systems Development and Games Engineering
  • Business Administration Studies
  • Natural Science
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering


… the following specific jobs or topics to deal with:

  • Infrastructure Administration
  • ADCS Developer
  • CDH Developer
  • OPS Developer
  • Systems Engineering
  • Public Relations
  • MOVE-II Data Mining
  • Reusability of our OPS software for other satellites
  • Reusability of our hardware bus for other satellites
  • Reusability of our satellite software for other satellites
  • Analysis of our OPS architecture and implementation as a preparation for a reimplementation
  • IT Security Analysis
  • How to transfer agile software development to hardware development
  • Verification of MOVE-II thermal models
  • Verification of MOVE-II ADCS models
  • Verification of MOVE-II payload models
  • Implementation of Lessons Learned


Frequently asked questions:
I am a student of the 1st or 2nd semester. Can I join you?
Yes, every student is welcome! It is not important to be an expert yet, since learning new things about space and technology is part of being a MOVE-II member. If you join earlier, you will learn more.

I do not understand the jobs you offer or would like to do something different. Can I join you?
Yes, just come by and we will explain you the jobs we offer. If you do not like those jobs or you would like to do something different, we will surely find another nice job for you.

I am not a student of aerospace engineering. Can I join you?
Yes, of cause! A satellite is a complex system with a wide range of tasks. Hence we need people from various studies to have a team with a broad knowledge.

I am not studying natural science or enginieering. Can I join you?
Yes, we are also looking for people from other studies, which not directly deal with the satellite. For example students from Web- and Graphic design studies, as well as Economics and Business studies could improve our Public Relations team.

I want to join you. How should I contact you?
Just come to our weekly meeting or send an e-Mail to our student lead. You find more information about the meeting and the e-Mail addresses here.