2015 Christmas Special: Dependability for Miniaturized Satellites

Christmas is upon us… oh no! Christmas music, Christmas decoration, Christmas jingles, Christmas terror everywhere, but the MOVE-II team has come to your rescue with an almost non-Christmasy Christmas special on dependability! If you rather would like to tune in to yet another incarnation of jingle bells, please follow this link and stop reading right Read more about 2015 Christmas Special: Dependability for Miniaturized Satellites[…]

Welcome to the MOVE-II Blog!

The MOVE-II team welcomes you to our new website! MOVE-II (Munich Orbital Verification Experiment II) is a nanosatellite (CubeSat) under development at TU Munich (TUM) as a follow-on to the First-MOVE mission, with launch currently expected in late 2017. About 30 Bachelor and Master students are currently working on the satellite mostly in their free Read more about Welcome to the MOVE-II Blog![…]