Reaching for the stars
Students of the Technical University Munich getting closer to the stars by building and operating their own satellites.

About Us

MOVE is a student group at TUM for satellite development. MOVE is a cooperation between the Chair of Astronautics at TUM and the Scientific Workgroup of Rocketry and Spaceflight (WARR). The first phase of their current project MOVE-III is officially funded by the Technical University of Munich's Faculty for Aerospace and Geodesy.

We are a team of around 50 to 100 people and we have members from all over the world. We are not only working on projects together, but also good friends and have often fun together. Sometimes we go hiking or just chill together during a barbecue.

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Our Missions

Interview with a DEDRA Payload Engineer

Alexander: Hi, I am Alexander Hacker,  am 26 years old and study ESPACE in the 3rd Master semester. In October 2019 I joined the DEDRA team. Alexander: As an ESPACE student, this is right up my alley. DEDRA was originally planned as a standalone project with a whole satellite. Since the MOVE-team already has a […]

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MOVE-III is the first cross-institutional project of the new Faculty of Aerospace and Geodesy at the Technical University of Munich. It shall conduct in-situ measurements of submillimeter space debris and micro-meteoroid particles, making use of the Debris Density Retrieval and Analysis (DEDRA) sensor. The mission shall help to validate and improve the space debris models […]

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The MOVE-BEYOND satellite platform shall serve as baseline for the next satellites built at the Chair of Astronautics and – in case the systems get so far – be the platform for any missions of the origins-excellence cluster. Apart from the technical goal of developing one satellite platform that shall fly on at least two […]

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Latest News

Press Release: MOVE student group launches stratospheric balloon with new satellite prototype

On Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021, the Munich Orbital Verification Experiment (MOVE) team of the Technical University of Munich launched a stratospheric balloon carrying the current prototype of the fourth Cubesat satellite mission, MOVE-III [1]. The goal of the balloon launch was to test the current status of the systems of the future MOVE-III satellite. These […]

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Student Leader Matti

Who am I? What am I doing here? Good question, glad you asked. My usual answer is: “How much time do you have?” This always is a rhetorical question, after which I propose you get yourself a cup of coffee and start telling my story of how I got here. Yes, tea is also fine. […]

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COM Tracker on the first MOVE-III Balloon

Hi everyone, It is the COM design team wearing our high altitude balloon tracking hat and we will introduce the Balloon Tracker subsystem we used last week to safely recover our ballon: Obviously this is a module which will not fly on the satellite but has important role in the test campaign. During the development […]

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Contact Us

We offer you:

  • real project experience (project with more than 70 people)
  • your own work in space
  • independent and self-responsible work
  • a good team spirit with many extracurricular activities
  • contact to staff members of the chair of astronautics and to space industry
  • Credits:
    • Bachelor/Master-Thesis
    • IDP, project seminar
    • Ingenieurspraxis

We are looking for:
...  students of the following studies or related subjects:

  • Web Development and Graphic Design
  • System Administration, Embedded Systems Development and Games Engineering
  • Business Administration Studies
  • Natural Science (Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science etc.)
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering



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Credits at MOVE

Computer Science

  • Bachelor/Master-Thesis
  • IDP (Master)
  • Betreutes Forschen (supervised research)
  • Überfachliche Grundlagen (complicated)

Mechanical Engineering

  • Semester/Bachelor/Master-arbeit
  • Projektseminar (Bachelor [Master statt Semesterarbeit]) (Project seminar)
  • Contacts for Praktika

Electrical Engineering

  • Bachelor/Masterarbeit
  • Projektseminar (Project seminar)
  • Ingenieurspraxis